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Storehouse for Jesus


Distribution Ministries Co-Directors: Debbie Crutchfield and Jean Young

We see anywhere from 25 to 50+ families in a 3-hour shift in the Distribution Ministries. All clients have food, clothing, household items and Children's Birthday Closet available to them. Davie County clients are seen first and then out-of-county clients. Out-of-county clients are given information on organizations in their own counties to go for assistance.

Clients are interviewed each time they come for help. Clients are encouraged to come no more than once a month. If a client is in a truly critical situation, they may come more often, if necessary. There are limits on how many items of clothing a client may receive in a month, and dishes and linens in a three-year period. During the interview, clients are encouraged, the Gospel is shared as the Lord opens the door, seeds are planted, and a prayer is offered.

Programs in the Distribution Ministries available only for Davie County residents include: school supplies in August; Thanksgiving dinners; Christmas gifts for children, special needs adults, and seniors; and Christmas dinners for seniors.

We begin signing up clients and sponsors for Thanksgiving and Christmas mid-September each year. Thanksgiving sponsors are given a suggested dinner menu of food to purchase. For Christmas sponsors are given four suggestions of clothing, with sizes, and four suggestions of toys (or something non-clothing for special needs adults and seniors). Sponsors are asked to purchase two new articles of clothing and two new toys per client. Please keep us in prayer during these months, as there are so very many that need help during the holidays.


*Coordinator positions are not listed, as they are assigned positions.

Distributions Ministries Volunteer Coordinator: Cynthia Baldwin

Administrative Assistant: Assists Executive Director and Assistant Executive Director by answering and returning phone calls, making copies, filing; general office functions; correspondence; etc.

Birthday Closet Organizers: Organize gifts for the Birthday Closet

Check-Out Clerks: Check out all items the clients receive; record information on Counter Worksheets; assist clients as needed; etc.

Christmas Distribution Assistants: Assist Christmas Distribution Coordinator with incoming and outgoing Christmas gifts and meals

Client File Clerks: Record items received by each client in the client's file for every visit

Clothing Sorters and Organizers: Sort through donated items; hang and organize clothing so it is easily accessible to clients; keep the clothing shelves and racks orderly; assist clients

Correspondence Clerks: Write thank-you notes, etc.

Custodians: General cleaning inside the building

Data Entry Clerks: Using Excel software enter client and distribution information from daily worksheets for Daily Summary Reports

Floaters: Knowledgeable of several different positions and works wherever needed

Food Buyers: Pick up food from the Food Bank in Winston-Salem and other food sources; must have a strong back

Food Pantry Workers and/or Stockers: Prepare food orders; restock food shelves; unload and sort incoming food

Gophers: Assist in a variety of areas and ways, both inside and outside the building

Grounds Maintenance Workers: Keep the grounds clean, plant flowers and mow grass

Holiday Interviewers: Interview Davie county residents to determine if they meet the qualifications for our holiday programs and review client gift requests. Mainly Fridays, September to December only.

Holiday Receptionist: Check clients in for our holiday programs and answer the phone. Mainly Fridays, September to December only.

Home Visitation Team Members: Visit homebound and hospitalized clients and volunteers, elderly, and those in crisis; deliver food to shut-ins; as needed

Household Items Organizers: Sort through and organize donated linens, dishes and household items so they are easily accessible to clients and volunteers; keep shelves orderly; fill Layette, Linens and Dishes Vouchers; assist clients

Interviewers: Interview, pray and share the gospel with clients; prepare forms and vouchers for client services; fills Dishes and Linens Voucher. Interviewers must believe in our Statement of Faith, be a born-again Christian, be nonjudgmental, have a compassionate and loving heart, and have good listening skills.

Layette Organizers: Put together boy and girl layette bags for new mothers

Loading Dock Workers: Greets donors and helps unload donations; does initial checking of donations, etc.; must have a strong back.

Media Recording Technicians: Responsible for making Power Points, videos and CDs needed for the ministry

Office Clerks: Make copies; make sure each interviewer's office has necessary forms and appointment cards, etc.

Pre-Sorters: Pre-sort all incoming donations for distribution to the appropriate areas

Publications Clerks: Assist Publications Coordinator with printing, assembly and distribution of booklets and newsletters

Purchasing Agent: Responsible for purchasing office supplies and medical supplies

Receptionists: Register clients; answer and make telephone calls; pull clients' files; greet and assist donors; etc.

Runners: Assist interviewers - take paperwork to check-out counter, food pantry, etc.; show new clients where and how to shop; get forms and Bibles at interviewer's request

School Supplies Closet Organizers: Organizes school supplies closet

School Supplies Distribution Workers: Assist the school supplies distribution coordinator

Spanish Interpreters: Translate for Hispanic clients; help translate forms and signs into Spanish

Transport Workers: Pick up donated items from grocery stores and businesses; pick up Bibles, office supplies, etc.; must have a strong back, have had no traffic violations.

Warehouse Workers: Organize food and donated items in the warehouse; help clients and donors load and unload food, clothing, etc.; must have a strong back

Weekend Volunteer Supervisor: On call to supervise weekend volunteers

Youth Volunteer Coaches: On call to Coordinate and supervise volunteer children and teens


Volunteer Groups Coordinator: Cynthia Baldwin

Groups who wish to volunteer should contact our Group Volunteers Coordinator to arrange a time for orientation and training for the following positions:

Clothing Sorters and Organizers

Construction and Maintenance Projects

Food Pantry Sorters

Food Pantry Stockers

General Cleaning /Straightening

Grounds Workers

Household, Layettes, Linens and Miscellaneous Items Organizers

Warehouse Workers

Distribution Ministries 2017 Report on Clients Served

Total Household Visits 5,079
Total Unduplicated Households Served (does not include churches, schools, agencies, etc.) 1,416
Percentage of housholds without vehicles 34
Percentage of households with vehicles >13 yrs old 50
Percentage of households with vehicles 8-12 yrs old 11
Percentage of households with vehicles 1-7 yrs old 5
Percentage of Clients who were >50 yrs of age 16
Percentage of Clients who were 20-50 yrs of age 36
Percentage of Clients who were newborn to 19 yrs of age 48
Percentage of Clients who are below the Federal Poverty Level 90
Percentage of Clients receiving Disability, Social Security or SSI 39
Percentage of Clients who have jobs or do odd jobs 34
Percentage of Clients who have no income 24
Percentage of Clients who receive alimony, child support or money from family or friends 4
Percentage of Clients who receive retirement or VA benefits 2
Percentage of Clients who receive HUD or Work First 1
Percentage of Clients who receive unemployment or workmen's compensation 1

* This totals over 100% because some households have more than one source of income.

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