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Storehouse for Jesus

2016 Financial Information

A Storehouse For Jesus received financial help from the following:

Our auditors reported that 97% of all contributions received go directly into client and patient services and that this is consistent year after year.

Financial records are audited annually by Cannon and Company, Winston-Salem, NC.

Yearly financial statements are sent out by January 31st of the following year.

Financial Accounts

All donations are tax-deductible. An end-of-the year statement is mailed to financial donors each January.

Financial donations may be designated to the following accounts:

General Account

Food Account

Building Account - presently being used for maintenance, as building is paid in full

Property Expansion Account - funds still needed for the 2009 land and house purchase

Clinics Account - used for Davie County residents only

Pharmacy Account - used for Davie County residents only

Special Projects Account - used primarily for Davie County residents (holiday programs, school supplies, children's needs, children's ministries, etc.) and birthday closet

Outreach Accounts - Only financial donations specifically designated for any of our outreach ministries are used for this portion of the Storehouse ministries. No financial donations are taken from the local ministry to support the outreach ministries. Be sure to designate in the memo section of your check which outreach Ministry account you want your gift to go towards.

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