Storehouse for Jesus

2018 Medical Ministries

Medical Ministries Director: George Kimberly, MD

Medical Clinics Director: George Kimberly, MD

Medical Clinics Co-Directors: David Cline, MD; Mark Hess, MD

Medical Clinics Coordinator: Sister Martha Hoyle, RN

Eye Clinic Director: Ellyn Johnson, OD

Pharmacy Director: Bob Rauch, RPh

Pharmacy Assistant Director: T. M. Craven, RPh

Chiropractic Clinic Provider: Brandie Marlin, DC

The Medical Ministries serves Davie County adult residents who are uninsured (including not having Medicaid), whose household gross income is within 200% of the Federal Poverty Level, and who are unable to receive medical care through any other source. Currently, we see an average of 19 plus patients per clinic.

In October 2000, the Storehouse began the Medical Ministries with a weekly Medical Clinic and the Medication Assistance Program (MAP). MAP allows us to order free medications from pharmaceutical companies for qualifying patients.

The Pharmacy received its license from the NC Pharmacy Board in December 2001. The majority of our medicines come from MAP, however, we purchase medicines, accept samples from doctors' offices, and medicines from the public whose prescription bottle/capsules are in date and unopened. Some individual patients receive up to 18 different prescriptions.

Due to the overflow of patients who were not able to be seen during the evening Medical Clinic, a Chronic Care Clinic began in 2003. Chronic Care Clinic patients are pre-approved in the Medical Clinic and have chronic illnesses.

In September 2003, the Storehouse began providing the services of a Dental Clinic, however due to lack of Dental providers, Storehouse now only provides a Dental Emergency Referral Service.

In September 2006, we opened the Eye Clinic, as well as increased our Medical Clinic hours by adding two additional evening clinics a month.

Diabetes Education Program began in 2007. The program targets more than 50% of our patients that are diabetic and provides education and the means to manage this disease.

A quarterly Gynecologic Clinic began in March 2011 and our weekly Chiropractic Clinic began in August 2011.

We are blessed to have a very dedicated volunteer staff. Currently, we have eight medical doctors, four physician assistants, three family nurse practitioners, four dentists, seven optometrists, and four pharmacists - along with a team of dedicated professional and lay volunteers.

Medical Ministries Volunteer Staff

Chronic Care and Medical Clinics Volunteer Coordinator: Sister Martha Hoyle, RN

Dental and Eye Clinics Volunteer Coordinator: Donna Williams

MAP Volunteer Coordinator: Jannie Wallace

Medical Ministries Data Collection/Analysis Coordinator: Carol Wasilauskas

Medical Clinic Providers: Joel Edwards, MD; George Kimberly, MD; David Cline, MD: Phuong Nguyen, MD; William Renfroe, MD; Melissa Seagle, MD; Dalane Kitzman, MD; Hayes Calvert, MD; Don Lendle, MD; Mark Hess, MD; Christine Shugart, MD

Karen Caffey, PA; Kathy Cornatzer, FPN; Ellen Duyak, FNP; Carol Gundon, FNP; Amy Woodson, PA

Psychiatric Clinic Provider: Roger Macauley, MD

Medical Clinics Head Nurse: Sister Martha Hoyle, RN

Eye Clinic Providers: Brian Baker, OD; Tom Bull, OD; Ellyn Johnson, OD; Steve Laymon, OD; Chris Owens, OD; Jeff Tarr, OD

Pharmacists: Thomas Kenny, RPh; T. M. Craven, RPh; Bob Rauch, RPh

Chiropractic Clinic Provider: Brandie Marlin, DC

Medical and Chronic Care Clinics Volunteer Positions

Physicians - urgent need for Thursday Clinic providers

Physician's Assistants

Nurse Practitioners

Lab Technicians

Nurses - urgently needed

Certified Nursing Assistants


Medical Records Clerks

Appointment Clerks

Eligibility Interviewers

File Clerks


Providers and Servers for Medical Clinic Meals

Medical Clinic Volunteer Hours:

Chronic Care Clinic: Tuesday, 8:00 am until finished

Medical Clinic: 3rd Monday - 8:00 am to 5 pm and every Thursday evening - 4:00* pm until finished

Chiropractic Clinic: 2nd and 4th Thursday evenings

*Note: There is some flexibility in scheduling based upon the medical volunteer's hours of employment, etc.

Dental Clinic Volunteer Positions

Dentists - urgently needed

Dental Assistants - urgently needed

Hygienists - urgently needed

Appointment Clerks


Eligibility Interviewers


Dental Clinic Volunteer Hours*: Friday mornings, once monthly

Some dentists choose to see our patients in their office.
*Note: There is some flexibility in scheduling based upon the medical volunteer's hours of employment, etc.

Eye Clinic Volunteer Hours: Wednesday afternoons or evenings, once monthly

Gynecologic Clinic Volunteer Hours: One Monday , every three months, morning and afternoon.

Chiropractic Clinic Volunteer Hours: Tuesday Mornings.

Pharmacy and Medication Assistance Program (MAP) Volunteer Positions

Pharmacists - urgently needed

Pharmacy Technicians - urgently needed

Sample Punchers


MAP Interviewers -urgently needed for Thursday Clinic

MAP File Clerks

Pharmacy and MAP Volunteer Hours:

Monday and Wednesday - 8:30 am until finished

1st and 3rd Monday and every Thursday evening - 5:30 pm until finished

Tuesday morning - 8:30 am until finished

2017 Medical Ministries (100% Davie County)

A Storehouse For Jesus Medical Clinics Results
Total Unduplicated Clinic Patients 645
Medical and GYN Clinic Patient Visits 767
Chronic Care Patient Visits 901
Psychiatry Clinic Patient Visits 282
Dental Clinic Patient Visits 95
Eye Clinic Patient Visits 77
Chiropractic Clinic Patient Visits 58
Pharmacy Patient Visits 3,732
Total Prescriptions Dispensed 15,286*
Value of Prescriptions Dispensed $1,744,125*

*Prescriptions and value of prescriptions does not include over the counter medicines dispensed.

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